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To encourage all sectors to use digital technology to drivethe country’s economy and societywithin 5 years



1 To suggest the national policy and plan on digital development for economic and society; policy and plan on statistics, meteorology, including measures, law and regulations on digital for economic and society; and monitoring, regulating and assessing the implementation from the aforementioned national policy and plan.

2 To develop and manage the country’s telecommunication network; regulate and promote the use of infrastructure and innovation for the country’s economic and social development.

3 To promote and support business sector to use digital technology and innovation, including supporting the industry development on digital technology as well as adding value to the country’s digital technology industry.

4 To promote and support digital society development in order to elevate the people’s knowledge and capabilities in applying and creating value added with digital technology.

5 To equipthe personnel on digital information with professional standards and to develop the people’s knowledge of using digital creatively to boost the potential and capabilities of the country’s competitiveness.

6 To promote and support the use of digital technologyto foster the efficiency of the government sector, both local and central administration,with an aim to become “Digital Government”.

7 To manage the country’ statistical system; produce information statistics and servicesas well as to promote and develop meteorology to become efficiency and timely.

8 To promote and support the research and development of digital innovation to boost the potential of economic and social development.

9 To regulate digital law,information and communication technology within the responsibility,including to regulate, support and coordinate on cyber security.